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Our professionals at League City Upholstery Cleaning can deep-clean your upholstered furniture, restore its original freshness and color. To avert high costs of replacement, we provide you quality upholstery cleaning service that will eliminate allergens and odors while protecting your delicate fabrics-increasing the life of your furniture.

Since upholstering materials are so varied-ranging from polyester, natural fibers, and vinyl-it is important to use the proper upholstery cleaning methods and supplies for your upholstered furniture.
Our professional experts use a most effective and safe cleaning method identifying the exact type of fabric for each upholstered piece ensured to extend the life of your upholstery. We want to be 100% sure you'll be happy with the results. Before we begin the job we'll test a small patch of your upholstery.
Organic Cleaning
Our technicians will check your upholstery before the cleaning – they will analyze factors such as fabric colors, stuffing, type and more to avoid damage to the furnishing. Our expert technicians are skilled in working with all types of upholstery so they can choose the best solution and technique specifically for your requests.

They will pre-clean stains and spots from wine, blood, coffee as well as oil based and greasy stains, after which they will proceed to the overall cleaning of the upholstery. We utilize both steam and dry cleaning to eliminate all the dust and soil build up in your furniture and also dispose of any mites, grit and allergens.
Pet Stain Removal

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